Glass Fiber-Reinforced Grades

//Glass Fiber-Reinforced Grades
Glass Fiber-Reinforced Grades 2017-07-17T09:51:33-04:00
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With a short glass fiber content up to 40% and various stabilization packages, our Polyfort® PP compounds can be used from standard up to mechanically high-demanding applications, by combining chemical resistance and easy processing.

Standard Product Portfolio*:

Polyfort® FPP 20 GFC 20% glass fiber TDS
Polyfort® FPP 20 GFM HI 20% milled glass fiber, impact modified TDS
Polyfort® FPP 30 GFC 30% glass fiber TDS
Polyfort® FPP 30 GFC K1079 30% glass fiber, heat stabilized TDS
Polyfort® FPP 40 GFC LE K2097 40% glass fiber, heat stabilized, low emission TDS
Polyfort® PPH GF40 E 40% glass fiber, extrusion grade TDS
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*We also produce customized products.
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