Mineral-Filled Grades

//Mineral-Filled Grades
Mineral-Filled Grades 2017-07-17T11:55:10-04:00

PP homo- and co-polymer grades containing up to 40% of mineral fillers (talc, glimmer, calcium carbonate), combined with various stabilization packages, are used for many different applications. The mineral-filled Polyfort® product portfolio includes the most versatile materials you can find on the market.

Standard Product Portfolio*:

Polyfort® FIPP 20 T 20% talc filler, PP copolymer TDS
Polyfort® FPP 20 T 20% talc filler TDS
Polyfort® FPP 22 T K1093 22% talc filler, heat stabilized, UV stabilized TDS
Polyfort® FPP 22 T LE K1684 22% talc filler, UV stabilized, low emission TDS
Polyfort® FPP 40 T 40% talc filler TDS
Polyfort® PPH MT40 LE H2 40% talc filler, heat stabilized, low emission TDS
Polyfort® FPP 40 TF 40% talc filler, high flow TDS
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